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Remembering Ryan Davis, 1979 - 2013

Ryan Davis was the host of Giant Bomb's podcast.

He was 34, and just gotten married the week before he died of unknown causes on 3 July 2013.

A podcast is a radio show that you download off the internet. This one, the Giant Bombcast, comes out every Tuesday. Ryan would always start every show the same, "IT'S TUESDAY, and you're listening to the Giant Bombast! I'm Ryan Davis..."

I came to podcasts through books on tape. I've logged many hours listening to podcasts -- while traveling, walking the dog, running errands, doing chores, exercising, and of course, driving around Los Angeles (which is how angelenos spend the majority of their time).

I love podcasts because they keep your brain engaged while leaving your eyes, arms, and legs free to do boring stuff. Also, you get to know people pretty well when you spend hours and hours, week after week, with their voice inside your head. For me at least, it's more personal than watching an actor on a screen or reading someone's words.

I especially love the Giant Bombcast. It's a video game podcast, and it is often about video games... it's also about whatever the guys feel like talking about. They are all unpretentious, intelligent, informed, insightful, hilarious people. For me, listening to the Bombcast is like hanging out with a group of old friends who share my mutual interests.

They're not really my friends, of course. Even though I know them, they don't know me. It's weird to feel so sad about the death of someone you've never met.

Nevertheless... it's Tuesday, and I miss you, Ryan. Requiescat in pace.


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